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Hello, thats me.


I was born in 1993 in Yerevan, Armenia.

Since my Childhood I had a big iterest in Informatics, Mathematics and Physics. That's is why now I am pursuing my Masters degree at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on the faculty of Informatics.


My Subject Areas are Cognitive Systems and Algorithm Design.

I think Each CS should ba able not only to code but also has to have analytical thinking way for giving optimal solutions.



Analyiticaly Thiniking

My Bachlor's degree at State Engineering University of Armenia on Faculty of Applied Mathematics helped me to think more analytacally and to model some real-life problems into a Mathematical excercise and to solve it.



This abbility could be a route to succes for some people.

After participating in some Hackathons (Hackers + Marathon), where participaint in teams should give some ideas around some problem and realize it in 24 hours, I was able to think not only to solve some exerceise but also to give solutions or ideas for solving global problem using Information Technologies.


Parallel to my study I am working at Research center of Informatics

Forschungszentrum Informatik

Where I am developing software in c++ for the simulation of autonomous cars.


Before that I have worked as Research assitaint at Computer Vision for Human Machine Interaction Lab.

Where our task was to develope a Software for predicting Violence Scences and the affect of movies onto poeple.


Bellow Some Photos from contest, I've participated in.

Our team with Minister of Economy of RA and Abassador of US in RA during announcment of winenrs



















Now my Idea is included in one of the biggiest car portals of Armenia. Which for the realization was supported by the prime minister of the Republic of Armenia.

The Idea is to connect drivers and police officers using the registration plate of the driver in case the driver is far from the car and a car is parked at not allowed place.


Another Hackathon for that we go 2nd Place award was, an moile app

for blind people, which automatically searches for supporters and made a video call to them, in order to get direction to orientate themselfs in the street. The project name was Help Me See.



My specification here are Cognitive Systems and Algorthm techniques.

I am fond of spheres Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Big Data and so on.

Thea idea of creating artificial intellgence emabarsing me.


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